MAGNIFICE - splendidly and brilliantly we refine our textile products with the most valuable precious metals. Under the motto "Auro loquente omnis oratio inanis est." "When the gold speaks, then the world is silent." We have made it our mission to give the voice of gold very individual messages.

Since 2010 we strive for uniqueness and perfection. Since its foundation by Dominik Weiß-Denaro, we have been following this maxim. The basic idea of ​​MAGNIFICE is thus an important part of our values. In order to satisfy our customers' wishes for a very personal textile finishing, we have developed a printing process to print gold, platinum or silver on a wide variety of fabrics. After constant research, we have succeeded in developing a system that allows us to apply the precious metals wash-resistant and abrasion-resistant to the textiles. The foundation of our new and innovative company orientation was successfully laid: MAGNIFICE stands for high-quality and comfortable fashion with the most luxurious finishing ever.

In our textile printing and embroidery department we work exclusively with quality fabrics such as organic cotton. The further processing of resource-saving materials of the highest quality is very important to us. We finish our textiles with 24 carat gold and 99.9% platinum. The combination options are variable. The print motifs can be produced either with only one of the precious metals or from the combination of several. Our fashion label MAGNIFICE is the only one of its kind in the world that combines textiles and jewelery in a homogeneous, beautiful and easy-care way. MAGNIFICE is unique and sets new impulses and trends in the individual fashion industry.

We design and create a fixed label inventory for women, men and children. In addition, all our products can get their individual touch through the unique ideas of our customers. This makes each of our garments a very special one-off item. The icing on the cake is the label's own design. On request we personalize this with our own name.

The safety of our products, the trust of our customers and carefree wearing of our clothes are an essential factor for us. MAGNIFICE relies on transparency and truthfulness. Each of our parts gets its own serial number, which is stored in our database. They are thus not only forgery-proof. Tracing and checking garments using the serial number is also possible at any time if needed.

The complete process for the refinement of our high-quality textiles takes place exclusively in our production plants within Germany. With our headquarters in North Rhine-Westphalia, we attach great importance to a good cooperation with regional suppliers and business partners.

In addition to the core collection of MAGNIFICE, we also create limited editions. Here we use historically creative impressions and work with historical motives. The limited copies of our fashion pieces reflect such different historical emphases. Such as famous people from different eras. And also the German history and other historical milestones are addressed in the limited edition.

Our fashion label MAGNIFICE is unique and dedicated to the stylish and fine workmanship of the finest precious metals on textiles. The complete fulfillment of the wishes of our customers and the high quality of the products produced are our convictions and goals. With MAGNIFICE, we do not just want to impress optically, but we also want to set intangible values ​​through the individualisation of our products.